Start-up Factory brings in the fundamental elements that must be in place when you want to start a company. We review the foundation of the company and advise you on how to use the templates and tools which Converzion makes available through our Start-up Kit.

And of course, you are a part of the start-up environment, both professionally and socially, which connects all of us who are passionate about start-ups. 




Rocketeers Academy aims to train start-ups with international potential. In order to be part of the Academy, the company has to be established and have a proof of concept (POC).Through the Academy, we offer to professionalize your company and prepare you for the meeting with potential investors, getting ready to measure up to their expectations and demands.

We have collected the best lecturers and experts within each of the seven areas of expertise that we will cover at the Rocketeer Academy- Leadership and Strategy; Product development; Sales; Branding and Marketing; Support and Service; BackOffice and Capital Provision. Specially tailored for start-ups, we develop a course that strengthens the existing competencies and addresses the existing knowledge gaps. 

We focus on the seven areas of a company, and work with the strategic direction and the tools, processes, competencies and work flows that will ensure growth and development.




We launch all processes with a BootCamp. As we will be working closely together over the following months, it is important that we create a great relationship based on mutual trust and solid knowledge of one another. Together we will escape our comfort zone and experience the pressure one faces when operating a business. 

The BootCamp will be held in collaboration with other start-up networks, and alongside consultants, experts and investors. The journey begins here!



Network, network, network - the three second most important aspects of operating a successful business.

Tanken16 is actively involved in business networking with H.C. Andersen Festivals, OB and Tinderbox, and within the start-up community in Odense.

It is both educational and stimulating. And we lead the way in organizing Friday evenings get-togethers (Friday Bars), wine tastings, lectures and other events that contribute positively to your business. 

It should also be fun!